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Corporate Retreats

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Create a meaningful well-being retreat that engages and motivates your team.


We are able to create experiences in nature that inspire deep personal insight and long-term positive behaviour change. Teams walk away from our facility with new excitement for their projects, practices to work smarter, and deep appreciation of their companies. If you are a business that cares about your employees and wants to enhance your workplace culture, we are dedicated to alternative ways of building resilient leaders and teams. 

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Corporate Offerings

Our Corporate Retreat Centre offers a unique and inspiring environment to help your team unlock their potential and reach new heights of success. Our experienced facilitators and customised packages ensure that each team has access to the best resources to help them reach their goals. We are committed to helping you create an unforgettable experience that will leave your team feeling energised and inspired.

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Reward and Recognition Program

Leadership Presentation

Leadership Summit

1) Create space for a variety of interactions

 2) Establish opportunities for staff members to share their ideas and thoughts

3) Clarify what you wish to accomplish, and set follow-up action items

Despite the response that company leadership summits occasionally engender, they are powerful business tools when executed correctly. When you explicitly outline your goals and create space for varied interactions and the free flow of ideas, you can transform months of careful planning into a successful leadership event.*

*borrowed from Chuck Cohn

How to Hold a Successful Company Leadership Summit (

Digital native group of friends sharing content and ideas in team work meeting,  tech life

Team Building Retreats

Benefits of a team building retreat include:*

  • Improved communication: Team members can communicate better and understand each other's strengths and weaknesses.

  • Enhanced collaboration: Team members can learn how to work together more effectively and cooperate on different tasks.

  • Increased productivity: A team building retreat can boost morale, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

  • Finding emerging leaders: A team building retreat can give people a chance to show off skills and opinions that may not be visible in the office.

*borrowed from 10 Benefits of a Team Building Retreat (

The Power of a Corporate Retreat:
5 Reasons why you should

A corporate retreat can be a surprisingly efficient motivator for your company – even when it comes to the bottom line.

You can save money

Contrary to popular belief, it actually makes fiscal sense to have annual corporate retreats. Even if you’re spending a thousand dollars a head for such an event, you’re saving money throughout the year on:

  • Multiple work trips between cities for meetings, trainings, panels and plannings: teams can make the most out of the annual retreat by organizing their strategies in-person and having regular digital follow-up afterwards.

  • Meetings without much advance notice, leading to more expensive short-notice flights and increased costs related to employee fatigue (and burnout).

  • Travel costs associated with the above: it’s more cost-efficient to book all tickets at once for the entire workforce in your company (and even capitalize on offers and package deals), rather than separately at different times.

You get to recognize employee's

A corporate retreat gives you the opportunity to bring all groups into the same room and opens up the channels of communication between teams. Your organization’s leaders and C-suiters can also highlight the various successes of each team in all-company presentations – this is especially powerful when many higher-level managers don’t meet face to face with others in the organization on a daily basis. Moreover, recognition has been identified as a significant driver in employee engagement.

You can build teams across divides

A company retreat gives you the opportunity to break down those barriers among employees and teams by providing an equal footing and inclusive environment in which they can thrive and socialize. When everyone gets facetime with everyone, that’s a powerful thing.

You can boost employee moral

It’s not just the trip itself. When you bring in presentations, trainings, sessions and lectures either all-hands or for each department, you’re also showing your employees that you’re actively investing in them to grow and develop in their careers. Employees will return to offices on a similar wavelength of energy, tired but energized, and potentially more engaged in upcoming projects because of that strengthened bond with each other.

You can market your company

A great experience – in other words, something not ultimately ordinary – is often shared with friends, peers and family. Those present at the retreat will return home talking about their experience for days and even weeks, and that’s a marketing opportunity using one of the most powerful streams: word of mouth.

Are you ready to inspire your team in ways you never thought were possible? 

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